Taking your dog out for a walk

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Dogs should be taken out for walks at least three times a day, the type of walk depends on the size and physical condition of the dog. Taking walks makes dogs happy and healthy. It isn’t just great exercise for your dog, but it influences the perception he has of you.

Having a large backyard for your dog to run around is not enough, he needs to go out and take walks with you. Another mistake people make is thinking that small dogs don’t need to take walks, all dogs need it. Dogs are pets that need to go outside their comfort zone, explore smells, mark territory, exercise and distract themselves. How would you feel if you could never leave your house all day? We bet nobody would like that.

Many of us may think of this activity as a chore, something boring or something that you are forced to do. Nobody forced you to have a dog, so you must be responsible and take care of his basic needs, since you love your dog and want him to be happy. One way of making daily walks a little more fun could be to ask a friend or other people who have dogs to take walks together.

Walks also have the purpose of creating stronger relationships between owners and pets, walks should be relaxing and dogs shouldn’t pull on their leash. Here are some tips you can apply when taking walks:

  • The walk starts at home, don’t leave until your dog is calm, his mental state is very important.
  • When you are leaving home, make sure you go out the door first and come back inside first. This will let your dog know who is in charge.
  • If possible use a short leash, using a long one is more complicated when trying to control your dog.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush back home as soon as he has gone to the bathroom, remember your dog needs time to explore, feel free and connect with other dogs.
  • Take him out for walks three times a day, morning, afternoon and night. During the winter, don’t take him out when it’s the coldest time of the day or the hottest time during the summer.
  • Take control during the walk, don’t let him take control, walk together and don’t let him go anywhere he wants, your dog must follow you, not the other way around. This is important for him to respect you.
  • If he was well behaved during the walk make sure to give him a treat, so he starts to understands what is expected during daily walks.
  • If he pulls on the leash, stop and start again, make him walk by your side and at your pace.
  • Don’t look at what he is doing the whole time, he is the one who should be looking at you the whole time.
  • Don’t get nervous or pull on the leash when you see other dogs, you will transmit that energy to your dog and he may not communicate with other dogs as he should. Remember: be calm and transmit security.

Remember that the length of the walk depends on the characteristics of your dog, some dogs may only need 30 minutes, while others may need an hour. The most important thing to know is that this is a time to share with your pet, connect and enjoy. There isn’t anything better than sharing time with your dog. ¡Happy walking!

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