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Technology is always around us and constantly evolving.  The wearable technology market is one of the fastest growing technology sectors. The ever popular “FitBit” started it all and more recently, the Apple iWatch added to the competition. But, did you know they have wearable technology for pets also? Yes, that’s right, your dog can be tech-savvy too! These devices are great to make sure your dog is getting enough activity and staying healthy. Check out these cool wearable options for pets:




This cute bone shaped device comes in 5 colors and links up to your phone via Bluetooth. One of the great features is that this device can directly link up to your own Fitbit. This device has a unique feature that allows the owner to compare their dog’s activity with other dogs in your area. It also compares your dog’s activity and sleep with other dogs that are the same weight and age so you can make sure your dog which allows you to gain a new perspective on monitoring your dog’s health.

What the customers think 

The Good: Customers rave about this product. Out of 258 reviews, this product reviewed an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon. Customers love the software that comes with the product. It is easy and fun to use. They also love how lightweight it is.

The Bad: Only 11% of customers rated this product 2 stars or below. The most popular complaint is that the device is not fully waterproof.



Poof is a sleek little pet tracker, small enough to look like an ID tag. Poof is multi-functional, allowing cats and dogs to use the device. The battery can last up to 6 months and the device is waterproof. The device works 24/7, tracking activity and sleep and also allows you to compare your pet’s activity against other Poof pet users.

What the customers think

The Good: With an average of 4.5 stars for 36 customer reviews, the Poof is a great pet activity tracker. Customers love how easy it is to track your pet’s health and it’s small size.

The Bad: The customers that are not happy with the product say that it is unreliable. Customers report the Poof not showing activity or the Poof tracker not connection to their device.

Whistle 3

Does your dog like to roam? The Whistle 3 might be perfect for you. When your dog leaves the house, you can get an email, text or app notifying you of their location. You are able to follow your pet’s location over the past 24 hours and pinpoint it anywhere in the United State (with a subscription fee). The Whistle 3 also tracks your dog’s daily activity and sleep.

What the customers think

The Good: Most of the customers that bought this product use it for its GPS tracking feature. For the 353 reviews, it has an average rating of 5 stars. The customers seem to have dogs that wander and are happy with the tracking feature.

The Bad: All the critical reviews seem to mention the subscription fee. Customers are not happy about the nearly $10 a month cost that, according to some, doesn´t always work. There are complaints about the location not working and the device not connecting to customers mobile phones.


WonderWoof’s adorable design makes this wearable the perfect accessory for your dog. With WonderWoof, the user can get real-time updates to see if your dog is running, sleeping, playing or walking. Is your dog feeling a little lonely? WonderWoof´s map-enabled social features give you the opportunity to meet and connect with other dogs in the area. This device tracks your walks and allows you to share it on social media.

What the customers think

 The Good: Customers love how this product encourages them to take their dogs on longer walks. They also love the cute design and long battery life.

The Bad: With only 11 reviews and an average of 3 stars, this product seems to be hit or miss. The critical reviews all seem to be about the product simply not working.



Petkit’s many features make it an attractive option. Not only will it monitor your dog’s activity, it also features health analysis, consumption, health notices, and mood. The health analysis is great for elderly dogs and perfect for showing your vet during visits. The user will be sent automatic updates to their phone about their dog.

What the customers think 

The Good: Some of the positive reviews are from customers given the product at a discounted rate so it is hard to tell if they are genuine or not. Those who reviewed the product and verified their purchase liked how they can keep up with their dog´s activity and anxiety levels.

The Bad: There are complaints of the app not being streamlined and not being able to track your dog unless you are within range of the chip in the device. This means if you are out of the house, you will not be able to receive information about your dog until you come home. Out of 28 reviews, this product received an average of 3.5 stars. It is important to note that some of the positive reviews that contributed to the 3.5-star average came from reviewers that received the product at a discount.

Now comes decision time. Which one is best for your dog? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a device that can give you a new perspective on your dog’s health and if they are getting enough exercise for their size, the FitBark or Poof may be right for you. Due to FitBark’s larger size, if you have a small dog, the Poof would be better for you. If your dog is a wanderer or if you have a lot of land and they like to roam, the Whistle 3 would be a great option. The Whistle 3 will put your mind at ease knowing that you will always be able to find out exactly where your dog is. Wearable technology for dogs is not well known but on the rise. If you and your dog want to get active together, I encourage you to look into pet activity trackers!

Note: All research on these products were done via Amazon. We have not personally tested the products. The opinions on these products are not our own.

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