Travelling with your dog

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It’s so exciting to start packing your bags for your well-deserved vacation, but where are you leaving your dog? He also deserves vacation time, which is why here are some tips and advice so that he can enjoy as well.


Scenario 1: You take him with you

If you are thinking about traveling with your dog, you must take some things into account. If your vacations are abroad you must have all the correct documentation, which include:

  • Health card stamped by a veterinarian
  • Passport for domestic animals
  • Health Certificate issued by a veterinarian: tell your veterinarian that you are travelling abroad so he can help you prepare the documents you will need.

We recommend that if you have any questions to call the consulate of the country you are travelling to and ask them directly what the requirements are. Many countries require you to translate the documentation to the local language, that you give your dog certain vaccines or in the case of Japan for your dog to spend 15 days in quarantine starting on his arrival.

Condition his crate for the trip, put training pads inside, especially if it is a long journey and there are no stops in between. Also, don’t forget about water, it is important that he is hydrated, most airlines don’t worry about this. To avoid any problems plan everything with enough time.

Scenario 2: You are travelling by car

If you take your dog with you in a car make sure he is in a place where he doesn’t block any visibility or distracts the driver. You can put him inside of a crate with a seat belt on or use a seat belt that is especially for dogs.

If you are taking a long road trip, try stopping every two hours or 120 miles so that he doesn’t get nervous or stressed. If you notice that he is drooling a lot it means that he is car sick, in this situation it is better to stop for a while so he can relax and drink some water.

Never leave him locked in the car, never! Many dogs have suffered major health issues due to heat strokes, please treat your dog like any other family member.

If you have decided to let your dog travel using a seat belt, we recommend that you put a blanket on the seat to protect it. Never let you dog put his head out the window, especially if you are passing by a city or where there are a lot of trees. If you’re not careful, he could hurt himself, get otitis or conjunctivitis caused by the wind.

Scenario 3: You leave your dog with a nanny or at a dog residence

If you are going to be apart from your dog and leaving him with a nanny or at a dog residence the first thing you should do is to ask for references of the people you are leaving him with. Try reaching old customers, visit the place and get to know the person that is going to care for him. Don’t forget to take his toys, blanket, food and even one of your t-shirts so he doesn’t miss you as much.

More Advice

Wherever our dog goes, it is important that he feels at home, has his blanket, toys, etc. Familiar things will help him tolerate the change better. If you are staying at a hotel, get information about rules and regulations you must follow.

It is crucial for your dog to be correctly identified in case he gets lost. If your dog wears a plate and the weather is too hot you must be careful since regular plates get hot and could hurt him. Dinbeat has created plates made from high quality PVC, which don’t get hot under the sun and are not heavy, meaning that they are comfortable for any dog, no matter the size. Dinbeat plates have QR codes where your dog’s information is always updated, plus you can add up to five people to contact in case your dog gets lost. The plates also have a GPS so you can find your dog faster than ever.

During the holidays a lot of dogs are left behind, remember that they are part of the family. Dogs are extremely faithful animals, so don’t abandon them for vacation time. In Spain, over 100,000 dogs are abandoned by their owners during the holidays, which 16% get euthanasia. Dinbeat asks you to be responsible and never abandon your pet! They would never leave you!

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