Dream team

These are the professionals behind Dinbeat, the makers of the magic behind each of our products, services and processes. They always strive to do their best and offer you their best for the true stars of everything we do: the animals.

Talía Bonmatí

I have always loved the world of technology, communication and marketing, and above all, animals. Dinbeat combines all these ingredients, as well as a team of dreamers who want to change the world and create innovatory products that help pets.

Marina Gómez de Tejada

I love challenges and am an animal lover. I have experience in the management of strategic projects of a transformational nature, above all those aimed at the commercial sector. I am a data and Internet geek (I have a Masters in Marketing Intelligence). Dinbeat brings together all the necessary ingredients for a successful recipe.

Fátima Bonmatí

Project Manager
I have been an animal lover from my earliest memories. I regard myself as a multifaceted person. Although my training has been in the legal field, I have spent the last 4 years managing teams in a sector completely different to my own. The Dinbeaters’ passion and their cause was what made me leave my life in the UK and return to Spain to join this magnificent team.

Marce Camacho

Hardware & Firmware developer
I studied electrical engineering and my maxim is to develop a device that combines robustness with attention to detail, providing the user with a support tool to make their life easier. With Dinbeat, I’ve found the perfect framework for innovation where I can put all of this into practice.


Michel Escolano

Software Developer
I’ve been passionate about coding since I was a teenager and trained in IT application development. My fondness for animals and my desire to achieve new goals as a software programmer meant that I couldn’t turn down the offer to join the Dinbeat team.

Fernando Gómez

Fullstack Web Developer

I’m mad about IT and web development. I didn’t cry when I was born but instead just said: “Hello world”. I’ve always sought to be innovative with new and creative challenges in relevant projects, the main ingredients in the Dinbeat recipe.

Laura Ballarín

Communication and PR

Graduate in Advertising and PR. I am passionate about communication and the intricacies of Marketing. With my wanting to discover more and the constant changes in the sector, recycling and development are part of my daily life. When your professional allows you to do what you are most passionate about, you love doing it. Aspects such as culture and leisure, in which I have experience, as well as medicine and animal wellbeing.

Aymara Guruceaga

Attracted by the business world and numbers, I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps as an administrator and accountant. With the strong conviction that organized work is always the best, added to my love of animals and a startup like this, for me it was clear from the get go. I love being part of this company.

Francisco Gil

The objective of my strategic management is to improve this world, starting with pets. I trained as an engineer MBA (IESE) and have extensive experience in General Management. At Dinbeat, we want to help pets to feel they are supported both when we are there and we are not there.

Eduardo Blanco

I am an Electrical and Automation engineer, principal advisor in public financing and private investment for R&D + innovation, with eleven years of experience in the Spanish private sector, four years of experience as an Assessor for the European Commission (SME Instrument, FTI), two years for the Polish Government National Research and Development Center and one year for Lithuania’s Investment and Development Agency.

David Arranz

After years of experience in StartUps, online projects creation and management, I joined Dinbeat. I am passionate about innovation and new technologies, and contribute to the project my background in online marketing campaigns strategy and implementation, web analysis & social media. I love animals, of course.

Álvaro Lamas Oliveira

Veterinary Consultant
I am a trained veterinarian and my clinical activity focuses on cardiology. I joined Dinbeat because I have always had a strong interest in technological developments and how this type of projects can help vets to perform more precise diagnoses and monitor patients better.

Marina, finances.
Talía, our CEO next to Michel, IT officer.
Fátima, the best HR manager.