What does this FULL Starter kit include ?

· Micro-USB cable – x2
· Ethernet cable – x1
· Power adapter – x1
· ECG Patches- x50
· Quick start guide – x1

What parameters does the DinbeatUNO measure?




Visualize the electrocardiogram graph of your patients, in real time. Save the data directly in the medical history to consult or analyze when you need it.




    Heart rate    


Through the data received from the electrocardiogram DinbeatUNO is able to calculate the heart rate of your patient, and warns you if it is above or below the thresholds you have set.




    Breaths per minute    


Visualize in real time the breaths per minute of your patients, without wires, without manual calculations, without stress for the pet.






Monitor the evolution of your patient’s temperature thanks to our infrared thermometer. DinbeatUNO helps you detect fever, hypothermia, heat stroke, etc.





Thanks to the accelerometer included, DinbeatUNO, warns you about whether your patient is active or resting, so you can contextualize the health parameters.






The microphone we included in the device can provide information about when the dog is barking. This tool can be very useful in the follow-up of therapies related to separation anxiety, helping to find key information.






The gyro included in DinbeatUNO is able to send information about the your patient position By crossing this metric with vital signs you will be able to obtain key information.