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Dinbeat is a Start-up company located in the start-up incubator of Glòries de Barcelona Activa, that is developing a device called DinbeatPRO to help improve the quality of pet’s lives in and post hospitalization. What we are developing is a portable device to monitor their health on a professional level. A non-invasive, wireless devicethat does not require the sedation of the pet. The device sends the data directly to the veterinarian or professional in real time, and also stores the information in the pet’s health history, so it can be consulted when needed.

The professional can monitor the health of all the dogs wearing a DinbeatPRO and receive alert notifications if something is wrong. We have also developed electrodes for ECG that no longer require the shaving of pet´s fur to run the test. Our device has been formulated from the beginning thinking 100% of the pet´s comfort. Our first model is designed for dogs, but we will adapt it to serve a greater number of species.

Even though, we are a young company our team is made up of a well experienced staff in the necessary areas to take this project to the next level. So far, we have financed the development for a functional prototype with our personal funds. However, like any project of this magnitude we need external investments to be able to grow and move forward in turning the prototype into a final product.

We have achieved a collaboration agreement with the UAB and the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Murcia, to carry out validation tests. In addition, we have collaborated with veterinarians along the way in the development and testing of the product. We also been awarded letters of support from various important veterinary centres.

If you´re interested in supporting our project or just want to receive more information about it, write us at and we will be happy to provide you with greater details and answer any of your questions.