How much does it cost to have a pet?

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Having a pet is a big responsibility, so before you decide to share your life with one you should ask yourself two important questions. Will I have enough time to share with my pet? Can I afford it? If you can’t answer yes to these questions maybe, it’s not the right time.

Having a pet is a long-term commitment, it can’t be the result of an impulse buy, it should be a well though decision. It’s not the same to have a hamster who lives 3 years, a parrot who lives up to 50 years or having a dog who lives approximately 10 years. Another important thing you should know is that each animal needs different care, time and expenses.

To help you make the correct decision we have made an estimate of what it will cost you (annually) to have some of the most common pets.

Dog: Between 700 € and 1500 €
Food: It depends on the size of the dog and the type of food you purchase. Maybe you choose organic, premium or basic, this will increase or decrease the cost. The exact number is difficult to determine; it can be between 300 € and 600€ a year.

Care: Sooner than later you dog will need to visit the vet, to get annual vaccines, checkups or if he is sick. Depending on the city the average cost per visit is around 30 € making the annual cost between 300€ and 500€.

Accessories and others: a new collar? A plate with name? Toys? Travelling and leaving him with a nanny? Everything counts. Annual cost is between 100 € and 400 €.

Cat: between 600€ and 1500€
Food: Like in the case of dogs it will depend on the size of your cat and the quality of food you buy. The cost being between 300€ and 480 €.

Care: Cats are more independent than dogs and don’t need as much care. The cost will depend on if you bathe him or not, frequency of vet visits and vaccines. The cost is between 100€ and 300€.

Accessories and others: Unlike dogs, cats use a litter box to go to the bathroom, you won’t have to invest time taking him out for walks. They need toys to play and distract themselves with as well as cat scratchers, which come in all types of qualities and prices. Cats can be left alone for a few days, but if you’re taking a long trip you must leave them with a nanny. At the end the total expense is between 150€ and 700€ a year.

Bird: between 200€ and 500€
Food: It will depend on the size of your bird, in general they eat birdseeds, fruits, vegetables or oats. The annual cost is low compared to other pets; it’s between 50 € and 200€.

Care: Birds, like any other pet need of basic care, try giving them clean water and food every day. Also, make sure their cage is cleaned every day, to avoid sickness. It’s recommended to take them to the vet at least twice a year to perform blood exams, deworming and cleaning of beak and nails. The total cost is between 100€ and 200 €.

Accessories and others: The biggest cost is probably the cage, make sure it is big and comfortable, prices are between 25 € and 200 €, depending on the bird and its size. Other costs include toys and cleaning tools to keep the cage as clean as possible. The annual cost is between 50 € and 200 €.

Fish: between 100€ and 300€
Food: When it comes to food fish are the most economical of all pets. They eat twice a day in small amounts, annually the cost is between 20€ and 50 €.

Care: It will depend on the type of fish you have, the size of his fishbowl and if you have real plants. The water must be changed every two weeks no matter the situation and the fishbowl must be cleaned. Fish like any other pet need to go to the vet, you must not wait for him to become ill to take him to the vet. The annual cost is between 50€ and 150€.

Accessories and others: There are all types of products to decorate a fishbowl: plants, rocks, figures and more. Depending on the size and quality of the products you purchase you can spend between 20 € and 100€.

Rabbit: between 400€ and 1000€
Food: Rabbits eat hay, fruits, vegetables and food made especially for them. The annual cost will depend on which mix of foods you decide to give him; it’s between 200€ and 400€.

Care: Rabbits, like cats can be trained to go to the bathroom in a litter box. They must be taken to the vet twice a year and combed weekly. It’s not recommended to bathe them, only if they have a fever or lice. The annual cost is between 150 € and 500€.

Accessories and others: It is important for rabbits to have 4 hours of physical activity a day. It’s necessary to get them toys so they can play and get the physical activity they need. The annual cost is between 10€ and 40€.

In conclusion, taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, but in return we receive endless love, happiness and loyalty. Without any doubt, they are part of our family. How much do you spend on your pet?  Find out doing our quiz!

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