Here is the Design of DinbeatPRO

by Feb 8, 2018Dinbeat1 comment

We can officially unveil the design of our DinbeatPRO device. After more than a year of working on the project at the engineering level, developing and testing the entire electronic system of the device, we began to shape DinbeatPRO on a design level.

We had to find the perfect balance between ergonomics, comfort and the tech aspect that we like so much. We are very satisfied with the result it has had! Especially since we have done everything with the dogs welfare in mind. For example, we made sure it was the least invasive possible and that they could to wear it without any discomfort.

Of course we developed everything, also thinking about the comfort of the professionals who will use it as a normal work tool, and above all respecting the contact areas that we needed to correctly place the ECG (electrocardiogram), respiration and temperature sensors, to get the best possible measurements.

What dou you think?

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