Ensuring Your Pet´s Safety in Spain

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Are you traveling or moving to Spain with pets? For us animal-lovers, traveling or moving without your pet is not an option. Pets can run away or get lost. We all know it happens, even if you are a responsible owner. It is the worst feeling in the world knowing that your pet is somewhere out there alone and scared, especially in a foreign country.

A newly released pet ID tag by our company can be the solution to this problem. We all know that pet identification tags are essential. If your pet is lost, the person who finds it can contact your number listed on the ID tag and call you. But this process can be long and confusing. You will not know exactly where your pet is and the person who found them will not know their medical history. With Dinbeat´s new revolutionary tags, you can have peace of mind.

DinbeatQR´s tags have a unique feature; a QR code. Whoever finds your pet will scan the QR code and you will then be notified via email of the dog´s exact location. The QR code can also hold important medical records and multiple contacts. If you have multiple pets, you are able to share as many tags as you want under one profile. The lightweight design of these tags allows them to work with any animal, from dogs to ferrets. The tag also features international access, meaning if you listed a contact in a different country, they would be able to get the location of the dog too. Most pet GPS trackers come with a hefty price, subscription fee, and a bulky design. Dinbeat´s new pet tag is an inexpensive alternative.

Not only is this identification tag intelligent, they are also stylish. With 24 different designs, you will be able to find the perfect tag that reflects your pet´s personality. The tags come in two different shapes, bowtie and circle. The designs range from cute quotes such as “Keep calm and call my people” and cute patterns such as stripes and skulls. My favorite one is a blue striped bowtie tag with little watermelons on it.

Make your trip or move to Spain less stressful with Dinbeat QR identification tags.

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