Dog obesity: risks and advice to keep your dog in shape

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Every day we become more conscious about the negative effects of obesity in humans. However, we aren’t when it comes to our pets. We don’t pay that much attention to what our dogs are eating, something that can damage their health.

Even though it may not seem like dog obesity is a problem that affects many dogs. In the United States, there are over 43 million dogs that are overweight. In Spain, between 20 and 40 % of dogs are overweight.

Weight gain can cause respiratory problems in dogs, premature wear of the joints and diabetes. Which is why dog owners shouldn’t take this matter lightly. If you think your dog may be overweight the best thing to do is to visit the vet. The vet will recommend what to do based on your dog’s age and breed.

Changing the dog’s lifestyle may be difficult at first, which is why you and your dog must work together. We must understand that giving him more food than he needs or treats is bad for him.

Sharing our food with him must stop. We know it’s hard to watch him stare at you while you eat, but you must be strong, it’s for his own good. Some of the food we eat is bad for him, he should only eat his own food.

It’s important to make sure his dog food is the correct one. Your dog’s food must be adjusted for his physical characteristics and activity. When in doubt it’s better to get a professional’s opinion.

It’s important for dogs to exercise, there are a lot of sports that owners and dogs can practice together; for example: fly ball, canicross or discdog. Exercise is good for you and your dog, not only physically but mentally, it releases stress and makes your bond stronger. Make sure to ask your veterinarian about the exercise you want to do, especially if your dog is older.


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