Do you know what playing means to your dog?

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We may think that playing is not important for dogs, but it is. Like people dogs need to relax and have fun to be able to grow, learn and be balanced. Playing with our dogs creates a bond in an amazing way. There are studies that show that it’s beneficial for dogs to play and enjoy themselves. When they are three weeks old they develop the need to play and continue to have it throughout their life.

Dogs needs to have fun, something they are born with. Therefore, it’s natural for them to bark, smell and play between them. Not allowing a dog to play creates frustration, anxiety and changes in behavior in a negative way.

Through games puppies develop intellectually and emotionally. They learn to relate and respect others, as well as to discover their environment. Playing develops physical aspects, it helps develop capacities, strengthens his muscles, joints and helps channel energy. It’s important to play when he is a puppy, this way he will learn many skills and how to control his strength.

However, some games may encourage negative behaviors. We must be careful and control that our dog isn’t aggressive or disobedient while playing. If he becomes aggressive the game must stop immediately. Playing with him is part of the education process, this way he can learn in a fun way that’s effective and stimulating.

Playing with dogs is easy, they love it! Dogs are affectionate creatures that love to spend time with their owners. It’s our job to teach them to be respectful and follow commands. How to do it?

First, it’s important to choose a good place to play. Outside is the best place, it’s relaxing and you will enjoy the experience more. Try to find a place that is not too full of people that may distract him. It’s important not to send signals that may lead him to believe that he is in control of the situation. For example, it’s better to throw the ball you’re playing with instead of letting him take it from your hand. Also make him bring the ball back, this way he will know who oversees the game.

When it comes to toys, the options are unlimited. Each dog is different and has his own preferences. If your dog is very active, a good option can be to play games like canicross or disc dog that involve more strength. No matter the game what’s more important is to share the moment with him and enjoy as much as possible.

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