DinbeatPRO is now DinbeatUNO

by | May 23, 2019 | Dinbeat | 0 comments

We are launching new product lines… and we have a new name for our first great development!

DinbeatPRO changes its name to DinbeatUNO as part of our product strategy.

The change is because we have decided to divide our product catalog into two lines differentiated by target of client: Professional and domestic.

All the products that we launch aimed at non-professional users or pet owners will be included in what we have called “HOME devices”.

On the other hand, the developments that we offer aimed at a professional audience will be launched under the PRO devices range. This line of products will be designed by and for professionals of the pet industry, mainly veterinarians. Our first big development of the “PROdevices” is DinbeatUNO, the first multiparameter harness on the market that monitors the health of pets in real time and wirelessly.

Currently, within the “HOME devices” range we already have our Dinbeat QR plates. A fun and effective solution to recover your best friend in case of missing.

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