The Dinbeaters

We are a pet centric company and want to change the world of animal health. We turn our ideals into a new reality for our friends.

We acknowledge how much animals have done for us and that’s why they’re the focus of our project. Now we want to do the same for them.

We’ve created a community founded on a new concept of wellbeing and the health of our friends. We are making the change through our services, products and initiatives based on technology and information.


How it all began.

Dinbeat comes from the most cherished memories of its founder. A tale told by her grandmother, which influenced her relationship with animals.

This story, and all of us who fight for a better world for animals, is how Dinbeat was born.

Our manifesto reflects the values that each Dinbeater espouses: attitude, community, commitment, ambition, condemnation, responsibility, society.

dinbeat home devices
The devices that will help you look after your pet when at home

We have a full range of automation devices that help you connect with your hairy friend. Eating bowls, water bowls, beds, cameras… And that’s just the start.

dinbeat qr

The tags for finding your
best friend without any fuss

We know how upset you feel when you don’t know where your friend is and how difficult
it is for them not to be at your side. That’s why we’ve created this product.

You won’t have to follow your nose to find them again

Anyone who finds your best friend can scan their tag, see your details and get in touch with you immediately. At the same time, you will receive an e-mail telling you where they have found them.


Help us out!

Adopt or take in

The only acceptable figure for abandoned pets is zero: help us achieve this objective by adopting or taking a pet in and giving them a second opportunity.

Make a donation

Donations are crucial for associations to continue their work. They tend to be their main source of support, and without them, the welfare of the animals they care for would be in jeopardy.

Volunteer work

Help out by doing work for associations and animal welfare groups. You’ll know it’s worth it when you see the sincerest gratitude in their eyes.

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