Dinbeat, veterinary technology that will now also save human lives

Aug 12, 2020Dinbeat

Dinbeat LIFE is going to mark a before and after in remote patient control. Something fundamental in times of pandemic”, Talía Bonmatí, CEO and Founder of Dinbeat 

Spain has indicated new records of positives for Covid-19, reaching almost a thousand, the highest number since the end of the state of alarm. The outbreaks do not stop throughout the Spanish territory, putting the health of the citizens at risk and stressing a health system that cannot rest. In this context, at Dinbeat we have developed an innovative telemedicine deviceDinbeat LIFE. 

Dinbeat, a company dedicated to innovation in the pet sector 

Our startup was born in 2016. Since then, we have specialized in the development of innovative and technological products for the pet sector. During this time, we have developed Dinbeat UNO, the first device for professional veterinary use that wirelessly monitors pet’s health in real time. 

Electrocardiogram, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, temperature and parameters related to activity, position, and barking. Dinbeat UNO has positioned itself as an essential tool in leading innovative clinics thanks to all the services it can offer to improve and ensure the health of our pets. 

Dinbeat LIFE, technology to save human lives 

“With the rise of the pandemic, we were contacted by Doctors Without Borders and the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona (Can Ruti). They asked us if we could adapt our technology for human use”explains Talía Bonmatí, CEO and Founder of Dinbeat. 

We then started working against the clock on the development of Dinbeat LIFE, a telemedicine device that will allow a remote monitoring of an unlimited number of patients in real time. 

Electrocardiogram, heart rate, respiration rate, temperature and blood oxygen are the clinical parameters that Dinbeat LIFE measures. 

The device includes a control panel from where all monitored patients can be tracked at the same time. In addition, “alerts and notifications can be received in real time when there is a variation in any health parameter so medical professionals can react as soon as possible”, says Bonmatí. 

 Hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, field hospitals, refugee camps… Doctors will be able to monitor their patients, even if they are at home. 

“Dinbeat LIFE is going to mark a before and after in remote patient control. Something absolutely essential in times of pandemic”says Bonmatí. 


More information about Dinbeat LIFE in this interview with Talía Bonmatí on our YouTube channel. 

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