Let’s open the starter kit

What does it contain?

Micro cable – USB – x2

Ethernet cable – x1

Charger – x1

ECG patches – x50

Start Guide – x1

Modular solution

Dinbeat UNO adapts to the needs of clinics of all sizes. All our devices can be bought separately. With our telemedicine system, you can monitor as many patients as you need at the same time.Are you a hospital that needs to monitor a large number of pens? Consult our hospitalization packs!. If you want to install the system at your center, we help you find the best way to do it.

Technical specifications


The UNO is the device tasked with receiving all health parameters picked up by the harness and sending them to the HUB which then uploads them to the cloud. You can use the UNO with any size of harness.

Weight: 77g

USB micro charging connector

Bluetooth Connection up to 100 meters

Rechargeable battery. Up to 200 hours battery range.

Notifications led

Micro SD internal memory for offline storage


The HUB receives the UNO data via bluetooth and sends them to the cloud in real time. You can connect up to a maximum of 4 UNOs to a single HUB.

USB micro power cable

Connect up to 4 UNO devices at the same time through the HUB

Connection via Ethernet or WIFI cable


Small but precise. Connect the thermometer in the harness to get information on your patients’ temperature in real time.

Weight: 6g

Optical sensor

Extractable (the harness needs to be extracted)


The five sizes included in the kit are designed with the animal’s greatest comfort in mind and includes five size extenders for different sizes of dogs. It is made of textile and the electronics required for it to be a smart garment.

Hand washable (after having removed the thermometer and the UNO)



Is internet required?

DinbeatUNOcollects data in its internal memorybutrequires an internet connectionto send them to thecloud. Online access to the platform also requires aninternet connection, as well as theappforsmartphone.

I’m interested. Can I try it?

You can request a demo through this link and we will be delighted to show you how Dinbeat UNO works.

Can I access my details from any computer?

You may access the platform from any device connected to the Internetand which hasone of these browsers:Google Chrome or Firefox.

How reliable is the data collected?

The details have been clinically validated at theMurcia University Veterinary Hospital, where technical equivalence studies were carried out with equipment considered to be of a‘gold standard’level in multiparameter monitoring.

Is it safe?

The device is completely secure and has the required certificationsguaranteeing this.

What is its scope?

The maximum distance between the UNO and theHUB Is 100 meters in an open space. The maximum distance will have to be studied in each case, depending on the walls of your center. If bluetooth connectivity is lost at any point, the internal memory of the UNO will store the data until reconnection. You will never lose information. Once reconnected, you can continue monitoring in real time and dump all stored data when the patient tracking is complete.

What parameters does it measure?

DinbeatUNO monitors:


– Heart rate

– Breath per minute

– Temperature

– Activity

– Position

– Bark

All in real time and with low latency.

How much does it cost?

Contact with us so we can send you a custom quote.

What is the term of its guarantee?

DinbeatUNO has a year’s guarantee, as required by law for B2B products.

Is it now used in other clinics?

More than forty clinics (and rising) throughout Spain have relied onDinbeat UNO as a new solution to the traditional limitation of conventional multiparameter devices. You can consult the list here.