Dinbeat UNO® is a multiparametric harness that allows you to track your patients’ health in a seamless and practical way thanks to customizable graphs.

Any device with access to an Internet connection will allow us to access Dinbeat’s platform. There, we will be able to monitor our patients in real time, as well as consult the data that’s been recorded through graphs.

Dinbeat UNO® collects all the data it provides and automatically stores them digitally, making it easier to review them later on.

It does so without data, patient or time limitations, by simply accessing the patient’s profile registered on the platform. It is a great aid in the interpretation of clinical data.

Dinbeat UNO® allows for global interpretation and joint analysis of the recorded data, which can be very useful in many instances. The ease of access from any device with Internet facilitates the data interpretation at the desired time and focuses on what matters, depending on the case.

But Dinbeat UNO® goes further by offering an array of extra tools that make for more precise diagnoses.

Adding to the traditional ECG visualization, Dinbeat UNO® graphically showcases the cardiac frequency, respiratory rate and temperature changes; they’re the so-called clinical variables. Additionally, it is also possible to visualize the variability of heart rate in the recorded data with Dinbeat UNO®.

Heart rate variability can be visualized in the form of a tachogram, histogram and poincaré, being able to choose according to our preferences.

We can select the variable and graph type in which we want to picture it. This will give us a visual image of the variation of these parameters during the monitoring process.

Similarly, we can visualize the non-clinical variables like activity, body position and vocalization. These will be shown as a circular graph, based on the percentage of time they are registered within the totality of the monitoring length.

It also lets you choose more advanced features, like the comparison between all the recorded parameters

The platform allows for a quick and intuitive interpretation, as well as a combined visual representation of either one or two clinical variables along with a non-clinical variable.

This will come in very handy during the interpretation stage for more complex situations. For example, you can find out about underlying heart diseases by detecting certain key indicators such as spikes in the respiratory rate during rest, as well as monitoring the treatments.

Another possible example of this useful feature would be with patients suffering from cardiac decompensation and pulmonary oedema. In these cases, the heart rate during rest will be a huge help in order to properly assess these patients’ health status, as well as the necessary steps to take in each case. An interpretation of the respiratory rate and heart rate during rest can be key in knowing how to proceed with the case we are treating.

Yet another example of this feature’s use would be those of patients suffering from osteoarthrosis-related pain. If we want to assess whether their response to the treatment is positive or not, an interpretation of the patient’s activity records along with its heart rate, or the variabilities of this one, could prove very useful.

Yet once more, Dinbeat UNO® goes further than the current standard and strives to become a key tool for the modern veterinary practitioner.

Its versatility and design provide a strong foundation for medical professionals in their day-to-day in the veterinary sector.

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