A boost and more efficiency for the veterinary business

Saving and optimization calculated per hospital pen

45 hours/month

of clinical personnel freed from manual monitoring tasks



of extra income for monitoring a pen with Dinbeat UNO

5.5 months

is the average time it takes to recover the investment in a device


of savings for each pen monitored automatically with Dinbeat UNO

Increases the productivity and turnover of your center without investing in structure

Clinical personnel are a very precious (and often scarce) commodity in veterinary centers.

Technology is a major ally when improving the efficiency of work teams. Dinbeat UNO automates different low-value tasks that are now performed manually by veterinary professionals.

That is how the system helps clinical and assistant veterinary personnel to focus more and better on those high-value tasks.

Automatable low- value
Non-automatable high- value
Manual operation of ECG monitoring Surgical or non-surgical consultations and procedures
Taking and calculating rates (heart, breathing) Patient care and cleaning
Taking a temperature Administering medicine
Manual registration of details taken for patient supervision Dealing with families of patients
Digitization, archiving and storage of data

Internal and external co-ordination tasks

Save 45 hours/month per pen, and use them for what is really irreplaceable Optimize your team

Extra income for extra services

In Spain, the average hospitalization rate is around €41/day*.

This sort of hospitalization, which is of a traditional nature to date, is manually supervised by the clinical team.

Dinbeat UNO raises hospitalization service to a new level, enabling 24/7, automatized and remote clinical monitoring of as many patients as required.

The integrated alerts system maximizes the patient’s recovery if there is a negative event and increases the peace of mind of professionals caring for hospitalized animals. Less stress for everyone in the hospitalization room.

This premium hospitalization is usually implemented with a surcharge of €15/day on average on the current hospitalization rate, which generates fully justified extra income for the veterinary center.

Increase in turnover per Dinbeat UNO team




Return of short-terminvestment around 5.5 months

Knowing how and when the return on any investment made in the business is obtained is essential for the company to function properly.

Like other equipment, Dinbeat UNO is paid for through:

  1. Savings generated
  2. New lines of turnover enabled by the device, premium hospitalization, home monitoring and preventive tests, amongst others.

In order to perform as conservative a calculation as possible, only the extra billing generated by premium hospitalization will be considered (€15/day per device).

Cost efficiency, crucial for a business to run well

It is estimated that on average, 44% of the costs of a veterinary clinic are linked to personnel*, making it one of the largest structural costs of any business. Therefore, investing in cost efficiency is highly relevant when it comes to making a sustainable, healthy and profitable business.

Providing the right tools and an efficient environment is key for strengthening high-performance teams.

Constant signs manual monitoring tasks in traditional hospitalization entail an elevated cost that can be made more efficient largely through Dinbeat technology.


60% savings in manual monitoring costs

For example:

  • 15 minutes of replaceable manual tasks per patient and hour (temperature measurement, frequency calculation, data logging)
  • Salaries(and company cost) set by agreement

Personnel costs for replaceable traditional monitoring increase to an average of €6,546 per year.

In many cases, efficiency is not related to cost reduction but smart investment.

In a highly competitive sector, differentiation is crucial


"The use of Dinbeat UNO has been a great step forward in managing patient pain. Thanks to this system, constant handling of the animals can be avoided in order to check the status of their vital signs"

Antonio Salcedo Colmenares – Veterinary Cardiologist and Manager, Barnabaires Veterinary Hospital

"Thanks to Dinbeat UNO, I have been able to leave a dog monitored, and when it has had heart complexes in the ECG, I have been able to administer treatment, whereas if it had been administered immediately, it may have proved fatal"

Yasmina Irfheid Barros – Manager, Servicios Veterinarios Sarón clinic.

"The data that we can assess when patients go home safely is more real"

Marta Gil Hernández – Head Veterinarian, Margus veterinary clinic


"The system is very comfortable for the animal. It is also very easy and intuitive to see the changes in the charts"

David Nieto Redondo – Head of Cardiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Anicura Marina Baixa


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