Wearable veterinary harnesses, like Dinbeat UNO®, incorporate a variety of sensors that are revolutionizing the way veterinarians diagnose, monitor, and treat animals.

These harnesses enable real-time monitoring of an animal’s vital signs, behavior, and activity levels, providing veterinarians with a wealth of information that can inform treatment decisions. They are a central part in a technological revolution happening within the veterinary sector, which is changing our understanding of animal care and wellbeing.

Here are some of the advantages of real-time monitoring with a wearable veterinary harness and how it can improve veterinary care.

  • Accurate and timely diagnosis
  • Improved management of chronic conditions
  • Better post-operative care
  • More personalized care
  • Improved communication with pet owners

Real-time monitoring with a wearable veterinary harness is transforming the way veterinarians diagnose, monitor, and treat animals. With the continued development of wearable veterinary harnesses, the potential for real-time monitoring to improve veterinary care is limitless.

How can Dinbeat UNO® help your clinic

Providing real-time, automatic data wirelessly, Dinbeat UNO® is a new standard in the telemedical veterinary sector.

Having a centralised overview of all your patients’ clinical data allows for a better contrast between vital signs. Dinbeat UNO® collects data from ECG, heart rate, breaths per minute, temperature, position, activity and voice.

Each one of these vitals offers valuable information about a patient’s overall health. Accessing each one of them provides a well-rounded knowledge to deliver better diagnostics.

Dinbeat UNO® doesn’t just allow you to access all this data on the same platform; it also stores historical data for each patient and makes it accessible on demand.

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