Do you want more people to know about your veterinary clinic? One of the digital marketing techniques you can use for your veterinary advertisement. It’s now possible to use social media and search engines to raise awareness of your brand beyond posters in local magazines or a radio talk show.

Starting to use advertising for your veterinary practice is a very good way to make sure that your future clients will find you, especially if you are clear about the profile of these people. However, there are many types of online advertising. In this article, we will show you the most relevant ones according to your objectives, so you can decide where to invest.


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Benefits of Advertising

Why should you use advertising to promote your veterinary practice? Thanks to this tool, you’re able to reach more people. In addition, the online environment allows you to segment your target audience very well according to gender, age group, interests, etc.

This way, through good management, you can make sure that every penny will be focused on reaching the right people. Depending on your objectives and area of action, you don’t need to have a big budget

Another advantage of using online advertising is the ease of analysing results. You can see how many people have viewed your ad, how many people have clicked on it, and the conversions you have achieved. 

What is a conversion? It’s a marketing term that refers to the goal you have set for yourself, like a potential client or customer contacting you, buying from your online shop, or subscribing to your newsletter.


Types of Online Advertising According to Your Goal

A good online veterinary advertisement strategy should always take into account what your ultimate goal is. Is it more visitors? More followers on social media? More visibility for your brand? Let’s find out what kinds of ads you need according to your goals.


Advertising to Get Discovered

It’s possible that your goal is to get more and more people to know about your veterinary clinic, even if they don’t need your service at the moment. This type of action allows you to start building a trusting relationship with your future clients, so that they will call you when they need a veterinarian. To ensure this relationship, you can set a goal to increase the number of followers or subscribers to your newsletter.

Objective: Get them to discover your veterinary practice.

Action: Subscription to your newsletter or new follower.


  • TikTok Ads.
  • Instagram and Facebook Ads.
  • Twitter Ads.


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Advertising to be Found at the Right Time

Search engines are the new yellow pages. That’s why it’s in your best interest to appear in the first position when your future client searches for “veterinary clinic” in your town.

One way to achieve this is through SEO positioning, but working on organic positioning is a time-consuming task, which doesn’t guarantee immediate results. However, there is another way to appear in the first results of Google: through advertising.

Objective: attract people who are looking for your services.

Action: contact, call, or booking.


  • Google Ads (search ads).
  • Bing Ads.


Advertising to Position Your Brand

Sometimes, advertising isn’t aimed at getting the customer to take an immediate action. The goal is to increase brand recall. In fact, this is what big brands like Coca-Cola or Ikea do on TV. Through online advertising, you can also create ads to improve the positioning of your veterinary practice in a targeted way. For example, you can make retargeting ads that appear only for people who have already interacted with your brand.

Objective: to increase brand recall.

Action: no action, the goal is views.


  • Retargeting ads on social networks.
  • Google Ads display ads.
  • YouTube Ads.


What You Should Take into Account When Advertising

In short, advertising for your veterinary clinic is a very good way to immediately reach new audiences, even when people aren’t looking for your services.

However, in order to create really effective ads, we recommend that you know who your audience is and even have professional design and copywriting

What are your main goals? We hope that digital advertising will help you achieve them!


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