Advances in technology have been reflected in many areas of veterinary clinics. One of the most significant advances have been in the improvement of monitoring health’s patient, due to wireless devices. We can find the tracking harness: a wearable that helps to improve the quality of veterinarian clinics. But, why you should use it in your veterinary clinic? Is it really worth your money and time? 


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What is a tracking harness

A tracking harness is a wireless device, addressed to veterinarians, that helps monitor their patient’s health evolution. Due to its technology, it is possible to follow-up post-operational patients remotely. It can monitor vital signals as electrocardiogram, heart rate, breaths per minute and temperature. Also, it measures activity, position and barking as additional parameters. In the market, we can find Dinbeat Uno, the first tracking harness in the world for veterinarian usage. It has helped the clinics to reduce costs and improve the quality of their service, due to its advantages.


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Advantages of having a tracking harness

Maybe you are not still convinced to have a tracking harness for its novelty. However, having a tracking harness can help you to improve your procedures in lots of situations: hospitalization, telemedicine, routine checks… Let’s look which are the main advantages of our tracking harness.

  • More accurate diagnosis: the harness can track during 150 hours the patient’s health, and thanks to that feature it is possible to have more data, even when the pet is sleeping or in its home. Thanks to the harness, it is possible to diagnose new affection that wouldn’t be noticed with traditional methods.
  • Compared data: as we mentioned before, it is possible to register simultaneously various data, to compare the situation of the patient with several information. It can be helpful information for the veterinarian to understand their results.
  • Less time per patient: in the past, it was typical to check the patient manually. As a veterinarian, you had to expend 5 to 10 minutes to listen to its heart rate, plus dedicate time to understand the results. However, with a tracking harness, you can wear it to your patients while they are in the waiting room. Once they enter the visiting room, you will have enough data to do a quick checkup.
  • Fewer expenses for your clinic: less time expended in each patient, means fewer expenses for your clinic. In fact, according to our viability studies, you can get your investment back with only one and half month of use.
  • An open door to telemedicine: it is also an opportunity to explore telemedicine, specially for your post-operational patients. With a tracking harness, pets can recover at home while you follow up their health. It also means that the animal will suffer from less stress, and it will be capable to recover quickly.
  • Alert system in real time: do you worry about not knowing if your patients are doing well? With the alert system in real time, you can preset parameters to receive an alarm whenever the patient needs you, to react to any problem.
  •  An extra income for your clinic: if you want to share a harness with your customers, you can also rent it as a premium service. It might be a great way to have an extra income for your clinic!
  •  Your differential value: having a tracking harness will help you stand out from your competence and be known as a modern and advanced veterinary clinic.

Discover Dinbeat Uno, our tracking harness

If you would like to explore more about tracking harness, we would like you to introduce Dinbeat Uno. Dinbeat Uno is the first multiparameter harness that helps you monitor your patients’ health with wireless and in real time. If you would like to have more information, request a demo with our team.


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