Animals feel pain just like humans. In fact, professionals who are in daily contact with them are often familiar with the signs of their discomfort. On many occasions, a visit to the veterinarian can be associated with pain. However, identifying what kind of pain an animal is in can be difficult. In these cases, some technological solutions are starting to become useful for veterinarians.


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Dinbeat UNO, Monitoring with Automated Alarms

If you need to hospitalise your patients or do post-operative follow-up, the multi-parametric harness can be an essential tool for your clinic. Dinbeat UNO is a wearable that allows you to monitor the vital signs of your furry friend. 

Thanks to its wireless system, you can connect your cell phone to the harness and set alarms according to the animal’s parameters. This way, you can check on the patient without having to handle them.


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Needle-Free Injections

In recent years, some veterinarians focused on livestock have started to implement needle-free injections. This allows for improved sanitary safety, in addition to guaranteeing a gentle and painless injection. Although this type of injection is only available for farm animals, it may eventually make the leap to vet clinics as well.


Technology and Animal Pain Management: A Field to Be Explored

The reality is that the industry has yet to fully address how technology can help manage animal pain. However, thanks to the advancement in monitoring tools, we can be more attentive to our patients in order to maximise their well-being. What techniques do you use in your clinic? 


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