Get more out of your Dinbeat UNO® with the latest updates

At Dinbeat we are constantly innovating to help you grow every day, for this reason, we have decided to update our platform and our HUB, to continue offering a cutting-edge products.

On the digital side, we have launched a new software update to take your connectivity to the max. With a better user experience and reduced data synchronisation speed.

On the hardware side, we have developed HUB PRO, a new type of HUB that incorporates two antennas. This new version is produced in parallel to the current HUB and incorporates a Bluetooth antenna and a Wi-Fi antenna.

A platform that takes user experience to another level

With the new software update, the Bluetooth network remains connected even if Wi-Fi connectivity is lost. The Ethernet network is prioritised, but if it loses connection it automatically connects to the Wi-Fi network, eliminating problems of disconnection and desynchronisation in the reception of clinical data.

With the new network dropout prevention system, data reception, recording and display are not disrupted, no matter what happens. In the event of a network change and/or connectivity problem, the system automatically connects to the Bluetooth network, avoiding any gaps in monitoring times.

The optimisation of the Wi-fi icon allows you to see more clearly the quality of your network connection. We have also reformulated the order of appearance of Wi-fi networks to prioritise the networks with the best connection quality.

If, for any reason, the Bluetooth adapter is disconnected, the HUB initiates a restart process, and all active monitoring is stopped to avoid errors.

New HUB, new antenna

This new model of the HUB carries two antennas with it; the Bluetooth antenna present in all versions of the HUB, and a Wi-Fi antenna.

The dual antenna provides greater range and more stable connectivity. This upgrade especially benefits those users who require greater mobility and range between their UNO device and their HUB.

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