Technology has impacted the vast majority of sectors, from education to healthcare to marketing. In recent years, the veterinary sector has also joined the technology boom, through mHealth and eHealth.

But what do these concepts mean and what are the advantages for both patients and veterinarians? In this article we will break down these two concepts and explain their main differences.


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What Is mHealth

According to the WHO, mHealth (also known as mobile health) is “the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices“. In other words, it involves using mobile devices (phones, tablets or other wireless devices) to monitor patients.

Thanks to solutions such as the Dinbeat UNO harness, this type of technology is also starting to catch on in veterinary clinics due to its numerous advantages. For example, in the case of our product, monitoring a patient’s vitals is much easier, it saves time, and avoids the need to sedate the animal in order to perform the task.

It is a pronounced change in the way we monitor patients. In the past, the veterinarian needed to check the health of a pet manually, a task that required more time. It meant spending time on monitoring that, through technology like mHealth, could be reduced.

Thanks to the monitoring capabilities provided by mHealth, veterinarians have a greater amount of precise data, which allows them to draw better conclusions for the treatment they recommend.

Another advantage of mHealth is the ability to continuously monitor the patient. In the event that the vet detects a variation that is considered to be risky, they will be able to immediately treat the patient. This agility translates into better pet care and greater customer satisfaction and peace of mind.


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What Is eHealth?

Simply put, eHealth consists of the use of new technologies in medical and veterinary care. However, for many professionals it still remains a somewhat fuzzy term because of its breadth.

The use of ICT in veterinary medicine can encompass everything from electronic medical records, to telemedicine, to the use of big data. Without a doubt, eHealth opens up a range of possibilities to optimise processes, improve your veterinary services, and offer a better experience for your patients.


What Is the Difference Between mHealth and eHealth?

Now that you know what mHealth and eHealth are all about, perhaps you are still wondering what the main difference is between these two concepts, given their similarity. After all, both are characterised by the use of new technologies in the field of health.

The main difference between these two concepts is that mobile health is just one concept within eHealth. In other words, the use of mobile devices for health is only a small part of all the elements covered by eHealth.

The veterinary sector has been undergoing a transformation for years now thanks to the inclusion of new technologies. Fortunately, it is becoming easier for veterinary clinics to implement mHealth, with products such as the Dinbeat UNO harness.

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