It is well known that reading an electrocardiogram is one of the most time-consuming tasks for veterinary professionals. In fact, most professionals tend to outsource this to a specialist. 

Fortunately, in recent years, new options for monitoring animals have emerged, allowing more data to be collected so that more accurate diagnoses can be made. Thanks to new technology, tools are gradually emerging that allow data to be collected and the patient to be wirelessly monitored for several hours. In this article, we will look at their main advantages and discover whether it is possible to read an electrocardiogram using a cell phone.


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Goodbye to Manual Registration: Greater Customer Convenience

One of the main tools that has made it possible to improve the collection of electrocardiogram data in pets is the multiparametric harness. This tool is a wearable device that can be fitted on the pet and collects up to three vital signs and four parameters of the pet’s health such as:

  • ECG
  • Heart rate
  • Breath per minute
  • Temperature
  • Activity
  • Position
  • Bark

Thanks to wireless monitoring, it is possible to compare all the key parameters of a pet at a specific time, without the need for the client to keep a manual record of the patient’s activity. Having this record allows the specialist to get a more accurate overview of the dog’s condition at any given moment, and to be able to compare it with the ECG results. This allows the professional to have the necessary data to make a highly accurate diagnosis.

Other advantages of using the harness include real-time monitoring, programming alarms according to patient variations, and visualising data from any device. These tools can be very useful, especially if  you have to hospitalise your patients. This allows the veterinary team to program alarms according to the variations of their constants, so that they can react quickly to any problem.


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Is It Possible to Read an Electrocardiogram with a Cell Phone?

Thanks to this comprehensive monitoring, it is now possible to read an ECG on a mobile device. Moreover, it is possible to do so in real time

However, despite having the data available in real time, the best practice is to have a specialised professional perform a final review of the data collected. After all, the objective of an electrocardiogram is to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart in detail in order to detect possible affectations such as arrhythmias or abnormal murmurs.

Despite this, the great advantage of using wearable devices, such as Dinbeat Uno, is the ability to collect information over several hours. This makes it possible to detect irregularities even in situations that are usually difficult to monitor, like during the pet’s sleep or in situations of intense activity.

When using this type of device, it is also easier to share the data with a specialist who can read the ECG, since all the information will be digitised in the cloud. In fact, with programs such as Dinbeat Diagnosis it is possible to request the process with just one click.

In short, the use of tools such as wearables significantly improves data collection and subsequent diagnoses by specialists. However, although it is possible to view the data in real time from a cell phone, it is advisable for the specialist to read the electrocardiogram continuously and take into account the other parameters in order to understand the context of each anomaly that may be detected.


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