Until recently, home medical care for pets was a real luxury due to the extra cost of travel. However, some veterinarians have started to offer home visits at an affordable price.

In this article, we are sharing some of the most popular services you can offer, so read on if you are thinking of starting to offer home visits


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Benefits of Home Veterinary Care

One of the main problems for pets when going to the vet is the stress they experience on the way there. The trip by car or in a carrier can cause them anxiety, which can subsequently alter the data collected during the consultation and thereby harm them or lead to inaccurate diagnoses.

Another reason why it is good to offer this service is that you can reach people who have a physical impediment which makes it hard for them to travel. Especially in the case of elderly people, getting to the clinic with their pets can become a real odyssey. Alternatively, it may be the pet who has problems moving, which makes a home consultation much more convenient.


Medical Care Services That Can Be Offered at Home

What kind of services can be provided at home? Except for some specific situations, such as surgery or x-rays, most of the services we offer as veterinarians can be done at our clients’ homes.

Routine Consultations

Preventive medicine is a fundamental pillar in taking care of a pet’s well-being. To facilitate health monitoring, you can offer the option of coming to their home. This way, you avoid stressing the pet at each visit.


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Vaccination and Blood Tests

Another type of service that you can easily offer at home is vaccination. You can even combine this with routine consultations to make the most of each visit.

Remote Monitoring

Did you know that you can offer medical care at home without having to travel? Through a wearable, such as a multiparametric harness, you can monitor an animal’s vital signs from your clinic. This type of tool will help you, especially with postoperative patients.


Veterinary Telemedicine: A Growing Trend

What will the future of veterinary clinics look like? Some institutions, such as AVMA, indicate that younger people are starting to opt for new methods of health care, such as telemedicine.

In fact, it is necessary to take into account that more and more people want to solve their veterinary questions through search engines such as Google, to avoid travelling to the clinic. In these cases, what can you do from your business?

One of the best options is to implement a digital consulting service, where your regular clients can ask their questions regarding the health of their pets. This way, they get a professional opinion, with the convenience of doing it from home.

Even so, it’s true that some procedures such as surgeries, x-rays or ultrasound scans require going to the clinic. Therefore, home health care for pets can help in more routine situations, but the clinic will always be the central point for more complex issues.


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