The new Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition was hugely welcomed by visitors at the Dubai International Horse Fair

The event, held on 17, 18 and 19 March in the iconic city of the United Arab Emirates, brought together all kinds of personalities from the equine world, from enthusiasts and owners to professionals and distributors.

Attendees were able to see live and for the first time our new Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition device, the multi-parametric girth that allows users to monitor the vital signs of horses in real time and wirelessly, sending all the information to the cloud to be viewed from any device with internet connection.

DIHF (Dubai International Horse Fair) has established itself as one of the key meetings of the equine sector, both professionally and at a competitive and individual level. The event brings together exhibitors with the latest products and trends for horses, as well as conferences, equestrian demonstrations and equine beauty contests.


Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition is the new multi parametric girth for equines.

Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition enables constant, wireless, real-time monitoring.

It avoids the risks of anaesthesia and stress caused by common procedures in horses, and improves recovery time in surgeries (both major and minor) by providing high-value information to the veterinarian.

The multi-parametric girth detects any variation in the horse’s vital signs, alerting the monitor instantly. These features help to minimise the reaction time to any problem and be more efficient.

Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition features the most advanced professional real-time monitoring platform. It allows you to view data from any device with an internet connection and control alerts from a single screen.

With Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition, horses are permanently supervised and their caregivers can always react in time to any problem.

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