Dinbeat comes back from SuperZoo Las Vegas with the Judges Award to the New-to-market product 2022

Our Dinbeat’s team has just landed from United States after SuperZoo’s tradeshow. This event has taken place between august 23rd – 25th, where we had the opportunity to present our lastest pet-tech innovations for pets and veterinarians.

SuperZoo is the most important tradeshow for professionals of the pet sector in USA, and one of the best at international level

That is why, our team has crossed the pond with an essential goal: To achieve what Dinbeat was born for, improving animal welfare, solving real problems through the use of technology and data collection

During this year we have been present at Interzoo (Germany), Iberzoo (Spain) where we were awarded with the Innoval for Pets 2022 award, and in L’afvac (France), amongst others.

And we could not miss SuperZoo.

Our team used this opportunity to keep growing our international network. We got to know more professionals from the pet sector that were there to meet with suppliers from markets of all over the world. We took our chance and presented our Home Devices line, which it will be launched at the end of this year, to everyone who visited our stand.

This 2022, we have sent Dinbeat UNO to many countries around Europe, helping vet practices to improve their services, and we hope to improve pets’ lives at their homes too with our new innovative development: Dinbeat Home Devices, a line of smart devices for the smartest pets, that will be launched at the end of this year

On one hand, Dinbeat UNO, is the first multiparameter harness for veterinary use to wirelessly track pets’ vital signs in real time. It offers medical data with clinical precision. An essential work tool that will let veterinarians monitor all their patients’ key health parameters without having to sedate them. Dinbeat UNO is being sold already in 5 countries (Spain, UK, France, Germany and Belgium).

On the other hand, Dinbeat Home Devices has been born to improve pets’ well-being. Pet-parents will be able to take better care of their furry friends even if they are not at home. This system will allow pet-mates to prevent their pets to get ill and get to their vet on time due to the health data collection done by the devices on a daily basis.

“The tradeshow has shown a clear tendency, pet-tech products are the present and future of the sector. Pets’ sector has been very traditional but gratefully is evolving. Technology and data allow us to have reliable information about our patients in real time. Which let us to take better care of them and permit us to save more lives. Vet practices that do not implement these technologies have their days numbered. Pet-mates demand better services for their pets and will not settle for a hospitalization service that checks on their furry friends vital signs every 5 hours, that is the past” explains Talia Bonmati.

On the first day of the tradeshow, the World Pet Association revealed the product showcase winners

Dinbeat UNO, was selected amongst 900 international products and candidates as a winner of the JUDGES AWARD – Best New to Market Pet Product for 2022.

Our CEO, Talia Bonmati, was the one who received the award, from Vic Mason, WPA president

We cannot be prouder of this award that has recognized the amazing job Dinbeat is doing. It allowed us to get a highly media promotion package in USA. We wanted to pinpoint the quality of the guests and the great number of attendees, approximately 20.000 professionals from the pet sector.

We understand why SuperZoo is the most popular tradeshow in USA. Turning into a very important selling point, worldwide. It gave us the chance to know first hand the new technologies developed like the ones presented by Hagen or InstaChew. They are just an example of how brands are taking more care of the designs and quality of their products and how much we had evolved on the sector.

Additionally, pets are still being humanized and sometimes this behavior adopted by their pet-mates collide with the animal welfare and their natural behavior. We, Dinbeat, advocate for animal rights and we cannot agree with it, or with pets being exposed neither treated like products.  We need to keep fighting to end these old-fashioned patterns. Animals cannot be sold or exposed like products.

At Dinbeat we fight for animal rights and welfare as our main goal and value of our company and community

We hope to go back to SuperZoo in 2023, with the same enthusiasm and excellent organization we had this year, furthermore, we hope to keep seeing the change the sector is experimenting: moving forward to a respectful society that treats animals as they are: living beings.

If you want to join us in any of the upcoming events we will be presenting our tech products. Send us an email to marketing@dinbeat.com and we will send you an invitation. Dinbeat will be present in Singapor Vet Show, october 14th and 15th; New York Vet Show, november 2nd – 4th and London Vet Show, November 17th and 18th.

Would you like to receive more information about Dinbeat or Dinbeat UNO? Feel free to send us a message or call us at +34636883660 we will be very pleased to share with you any information you might need.

Thank you SuperZoo 2022!

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