We can finally introduce our newest product, Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition, a new wireless real-time monitoring system for horses.

Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition is a multi-parametric girth for wireless monitoring of a horse’s vital signs in real time, uploading all captured data to the cloud for consultation from any online device.

Users can access and view data instantly from any device with an internet connection and review the parameters afterwards.

Its use leads to a reduction in the risks of anaesthesia and stress caused by common procedures in horses.

The device improves recovery time in surgeries (both major and minor) by providing valuable information to the veterinarian.

The multi-parameter girth detects any variation in the horse’s vital signs, immediately alerting the person monitoring the animal.

These features reduce reaction time for any problems and increase efficiency.

Data has always been at the centre of Dinbeat’s development, and Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition is no exception.

The device allows you to view electrocardiograms and breaths per minute in the highest quality, in real time and wirelessly, saving all the data in the animal’s medical record for later analysis. It calculates the horse’s heart rate, and sends a warning if the value obtained is above or below the thresholds previously set by the user. Its infrared thermometer makes it possible to detect anomalies such as fever, hypothermia, heat stroke and other afflictions whose symptoms translate into thermal-bodily alterations. In addition to clinical data, it also provides information on non-clinical parameters such as position and activity; these metrics are very valuable when cross-referenced with clinical parameters, providing information that until now had not been comparable. 

Not only can users access this data at any time via any device of their choice with an internet connection, but they can also customise the health alert system.

The Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition platform allows alerts to be configured according to the needs of each individual horse, and sends immediate notifications if there is a problem. This capability significantly reduces reaction time, increasing the equine’s life expectancy in the event of a problem, as well as allowing users to have a constant and reactive view of their horse’s condition. 

Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition is a time and resource optimisation tool for monitoring vital signs, allowing all manual tasks to be automated.

Its implementation reduces costs and helps prevent mortality.

Its use is a sign of being up to date with the digital and technological trends demanded by the market, eliminating the risks inherent in current monitoring techniques. 

With such a product, Dubai International Horse Edition is the ideal venue to showcase it live for the first time.

For more than a decade and a half, the Dubai International Horse Fair (DIHF) has been a key player in the equestrian industry.

It is the region’s most established trade fair, bringing together a wide range of equestrian suppliers with the region’s enthusiasts, owners, breeders, stables and clubs. It represents a meeting point for experts, lovers and professionals of the equine world, and is undoubtedly a key event in the sector.  

The launch of Dinbeat UNO® Horse Edition is preceded by the Dinbeat UNO® small animal monitoring device, which has already been deployed in hundreds of clinics in more than ten countries around the world. It has become the monitoring system par excellence, and has established itself as an indispensable tool in the veterinary clinic.  


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