Dinbeat UNO at Interzoo22, the world’s leading trade fair for the pet industry

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Today has been the last day of Interzoo, and we already miss you all! It’s been an amazing week where we have had the pleasure to attend to Interzoo22 in Nuremberg, May 24-27.

The well-awaited event presented more than 1,300 exhibitors from more than 60 countries representing this sector and as a leader in the industry; we are excited to have been participating in it.

In case you don’t know about it or you haven’t heard of it, this is the annual event in which you can obtain all kinds of information about specialized commercial offer that exists in the market, as well as national and international trends and news on the pet centric industry.


Our team Dinbeat went there to present our new news and our official device, Dinbeat UNO, the multiparametric harness which monitor the vital constants in our pets to help veterinarians and increase the welfare of our animals.

We landed in Germany on Monday 23th, one day before the start of the event, to prepare the entire stand and information for the dinbeaters who already know us and for those who are readies to join the pet-centric revolution.


But the destiny began with adversity… a very warm day, and some trouble with our luggage, which did not make our spirits collapse. On the contrary… we started stronger than ever!


Once our stand was ready, our team showed the world the medical technology that we have created, which is in line with the advances in veterinary science.

On Tuesday we started at the Dinbeat stand a series of demonstrations of our product, Dinbeat UNO, physically and online of what our website offers and what you can do with it.


Our multiparameter harness monitors the vital signs of animals as a multiparameter monitor would, in real time, but without cables and without sedation needs. It provides objective, continuous and quality monitoring, as well as better hospital management, being a veterinary instrument that every clinic and veterinary center should have.


Through our telemedicine application, ECG, HR, RR, TºC, activity, position and vocalizations are monitored, both in dogs and cats. Alerts and personalized notifications per patient are sent to the clinical team wherever they are. With this equipment, veterinary care and hospital and outpatient monitoring are greatly facilitated, even allowing remote diagnosis. This equipment can also be very useful in preventive medicine.


We did live presentations three times a day, given by one of the vets on our team.

There were many who came to see us and enjoy a special assortment delivered. I had not told you about it before, we were handing out recipes for our friends at the event.


The recipes were distributed to the people who were at the event, and if they wanted their medication, to sweeten the afternoon with sweets inside, they only had to come to the stand to look for them where we set up our particular “veterinary pharmacy”.  


In addition, we also presented as an exclusive Interzoo 2022, its latest generation of Home Devices for dogs and cats- The Dinbeat Home Devices (DHD).


These devices are purchased in a single pack, (bed, drinking fountain, amongst others) and can help you to know, at any time, how your great travelling companion is doing.

Each of its components is strategically designed so our pets have a better quality of life in addition to the needs covered, at home. With DHD we can now connect to our pet family from anywhere in the world.


Dinbeat Home Devices will be launched to the public before Christmas this year, so you can’t miss this opportunity!



During the fair our team also has a lot of fun, don’t miss our dinbeatdance:


Today was the last day and, even though our team were a bit tired because they danced a lot in the Interzoo Party, it was an amazing day.


We couldn’t be happier about meeting you all this week!

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