Did you know that thanks to technological advances in monitoring, you can reduce hospitalisation costs by up to 60%

Technology has been a game changer in virtually every sector. Unsurprisingly, it has also disrupted the veterinary sector with mhealth and ehealth, which refer to the use of mobile and electronic devices for medical and veterinary activity.

In the clinic, one of the most beneficial changes, both for animals and for veterinarians, is improved health monitoring thanks to wearables. 


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How Monitoring Technology Can Improve Your Clinic

Undoubtedly, the use of technology is one of the main ways for clinics to improve internal processes and the quality of customer service. In animal health monitoring, there have also been great advances thanks to wireless devices that allow veterinarians to monitor animals in real time.


Taking Timely Action

Through real-time monitoring and alarm programming, veterinarians will be able to instantly know when something is wrong with one of their patients. This increases the chances of saving a patient as vets can quickly intervene when necessary.


Advanced Analysis

When you need to analyse the physiological parameters of patients, such as heart rate or respiratory rate, having the technology to support you will allow you to collect much more data. This type of monitoring also allows you to evaluate vitals when the pet is asleep, awake, or active .


Automatic Cloud Storage

As the data is automatically collected, it is stored in the cloud. The main advantage of this  is that it is much easier to share the material with a specialist (such as a cardiologist) or to store the information in the patient’s digital medical history.

In addition, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role. Through its algorithms, it can detect patterns that help predict certain diseases.


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Fewer Hospitalisations

Do you need to monitor a patient that is just mildly ill? In these cases you can use a wireless device to monitor the patient’s progress for as long as necessary, without the need for hospitalisation. To complement the monitoring, you can even offer an online consultation to ensure that the patient is progressing satisfactorily.


Avoid Sedation and Wires

Whether for post-operative patient monitoring or simple surgeries, these devices offer an alternative to sedation. This makes procedures less risky and also more comfortable for the pet, as there are no wires.


Less Stress for the Patient

Apart from having a more complete view of a patient’s health, one of the biggest advantages of these devices is that it’s not necessary for pets to be handled every few hours by the vet. Instead, he or she will have all the necessary information available via Bluetooth. This can help them detect any alterations in the patient’s vitals and react quickly in the case of an emergency.


Technology as the Ideal Complement

For any veterinary clinic or hospital, patient monitoring is an essential part of the work and many hours are spent on this. In order to improve a clinic’s processes and save time, it is helpful to have the right technology on hand.


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