Over the last decades, the veterinary sector has experienced multiple advances, especially in the improvement of diagnostic accuracy. This is largely thanks to big data, or progress in the sensitivity of ultrasounds and MRI scans. These advances in veterinary sciences continue to be a trend and year after year we see how they evolve in clinics. 

Would you like to know more about the main advances for 2022? In this article, we’re going to talk about some of them and their impact on veterinary professionals and pet wellness.


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Monitoring Medical Parameters

One of the most notable advances is clearly linked to the use of big data and data collection. Whereas in the past it was necessary to monitor animals manually, today new options have emerged to be able to monitor the key parameters of patients’ health without the need to use the professional’s time.

We are referring to wearables, which are wireless devices that the pet can wear in both clinical and domestic settings to monitor key indicators. The best known tools in this category are the collar and the multiparametric harness

If you need to monitor several vitals, the best device for this is the harness, which allows data to be collected for hours or even days at a time. Because of this, veterinarians can have a complete overview of the patient’s state, even taking into account the animal’s moments of rest or activity. In addition, this type of device improves the patient’s well-being, since it limits manual examination and sedation.

If you are interested in this type of device for your clinic, we recommend the Dinbeat UNO, our multiparametric harness.


3D Images in Ultrasound and MRI Scans

We have also been seeing significant advances in essential tools for veterinary clinics for some years now. For example, in the case of ultrasound scans, it is increasingly common to find portable or even wireless options that can be connected directly to a mobile device, tablet or computer.

But beyond the improvement in the usability of these devices, it is also necessary to highlight the growing use of 3D imaging, both for ultrasound scans and for MRI or CT scans. The availability of these images allows veterinarians to have more detailed results and therefore offer a more accurate diagnosis. In addition, the technology itself and the image format make it easier to exchange information with clients, specialists, or reference centres. This advance also aids in precision interventional and minimally invasive surgery. 


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Customised Prostheses Thanks to 3D Printing

Another of the most relevant advances in the surgical field, is the use of personalised prostheses and other osteosynthesis material tailored to the patient. Whereas in the past it was necessary to use firm, standard plates, it is now possible to have plates and other trauma material adapted to each patient thanks to 3D printing.


Implants for Diabetic Animals

The new technology in the implants used to monitor animals is also well known, specifically in the case of diabetic patients. It has not only been an improvement for pets, but also for data collection, which could sometimes be altered by the patient’s state of stress. For example, in the case of cats, blood tests could raise their state of alarm and, consequently their sugar levels. Which could lead to an erroneous diagnosis. Due to their particular susceptibility to stress, it is common to see elevated blood glucose levels in the consultation room.


Keeping Up with Developments in the Veterinary Sector

Advances in veterinary science continue to be frequent and it is best to keep up to date in order to include them in the day-to-day operations of a veterinary practice. However, this can be difficult so we recommend subscribing to newsletters from trusted blogs and digital magazines, in order to receive useful information on a regular basis.

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