What does “advanced veterinary care” today? Nowadays, more customers are expecting high standards at every veterinary clinic. This is because that pet owners are increasingly worried about their pet’s health, as Certainly, our cats and dogs are practically members of our families.

It is important for the veterinary clinics to offer advanced health solutions now more than ever. This is the only way to meet the expectations of current customers. Moreover, if clinics are worried about a possible increase in expenses, this shift might be more affordable than expected.


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Technology: The Key to Implementing Advanced Veterinary Care

The big shift in the industry has been, without a doubt, the adaptation of new technologies. From specific software programs to new clinical devices, in the past few years every advanced clinic has made an effort to modernize its equipment.

One clear example is the advances that have been made when it comes to monitoring patient health. In the past, veterinarians could only collect a small amount of data to make their diagnosis, and for many pets, this was an uncomfortable experience. Nowadays, thanks to new devices like Dinbeat UNO, it is possible to perform a follow-up on the animal’s health status over an extended period of time, due to wireless technology and data collection.

To offer better solutions and be competitive in the market, it’s necessary to improve your materials and operations in order to become more efficient. Being up-to-date on new developments in technology and veterinary science is a good way to ensure that you will be a top tier veterinarian. But, how can you do this and what are the next steps? Let’s take a look.


3 Steps to Implement Advanced Veterinary Care

There isn’t one easy way to implement this so we are going to share a quick guide on how to improve the quality of your service and keep your clients satisfied.


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Step One: Stay Up-To-Date on New Developments

The first step is to ensure that you are up-to-date on any new developments in the veterinary sector. For this reason, you should focus on: 

  • Reading industry specific newspapers and magazines (national and international).
  • Following the most influential professionals in your field.
  • Subscribing to your favorite newsletters, to get the information right in your inbox.

Dedicating 5 to 10 minutes to reading the top stories each morning should be more than enough to keep up with the news from the sector, and stay well-informed. Additionally: don’t focus only on the veterinarian advancements. You should also pay attention to the new technology in general!


Step Two: Understand What Your Clients Want

Another highly recommended strategy to ensure that you offer high quality service is to truly understand what your customers care about. For a veterinarian, it is crucial to communicate the treatment and procedures that they are performing, since most pet owners are very attentive to the wellbeing of their beloved animals.

Every time you offer a service, you should dedicate a few minutes explaining the treatment, how the treatment will benefit the animal’s health, and what the next step in the procedure is. 

Here are some ideas to improve your communication:

  • The customers want to ensure that their pets are in the hands of the best professionals.
  • They also want to be sure the information is based on relevant data.
  • It is important to share what the next steps are and what they could do to improve the wellness of their companion.

Although communication is very important, it’s crucial to also have the best equipment.


Step Three: Invest in New Top-Tier Devices

Finally, if you would like to offer advanced veterinary care, you should have the best equipment available. We know that the number of options on the market can be overwhelming and expensive, but don’t panic. The good news is that some of these devices are quite affordable and your investment can be recovered in only two months.

The advantages that the newest technologies offer are remarkable, such as a more efficient workflow, an improved method of data collection, that is more reliable and detailed. All of these help produce a more accurate diagnosis in less time. That translates to better care for your customers and a great workflow at your clinic.

We hope that you enjoyed our step-to-step guide to implementing advanced veterinary care in your clinic. Would you like to stay informed about new releases in the sector and get tips to improve your veterinary clinic? If so, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.


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