In mid-2016, three animal and technology lovers decided to set up a company to improve animals’ wellbeing through innovation. After doing market research in order to better understand the problems encountered by pet-mates and professionals when dealing with animals, they decided to establish Dinbeat.

Our main objective: Improve animals’ wellbeing by resolving real problems in the sector.

How? Through technology.

Animals don’t speak, so providing products that can speak for them seems like a good starting point to us.

The first product we developed is called Dinbeat UNO. It is the first device that vets can use to monitor animals 24/7 during hospitalization, without their not being sedated being a problem. Before this product was available, they had no ongoing information on the state of health of any of their awake patients. This meant that unfortunately things happened when animals were not being monitored. Things that should not happen due to a lack of tools. That led us to using all our resources to create an impressive telemedicine system for animals called Dinbeat UNO.


Dinbeat is an attitude, a way of life based on commitment, ambition and emotion. It’s a community with a new concept of comprehensive animal wellbeing and health. Everything operates through services, products and initiatives linked to technology and information.


We guarantee the path towards a world where pets improve their wellbeing through education and an awareness of their environment and society. At Dinbeat, we turn what are currently ideals into a new reality.



For animals, their health and wellbeing


On the sector, its requirements and motivation


To achieve our objectives and overcome challenges


Based on respect, equality and social improvement


Through product design and the creativity of our services


Through technology, design and information management


To ethics, society and our own values as a company


We seek detailed solutions and monitor all process variables


About society, the environment and social responsibility


We provide society with knowledge and skills for improvement