At the end of 2015 four animal and technology lovers came together to mix these two passions. We wanted to create innovative products that would help humans and pets.

After realizing the potential opportunity in the wearable device industry for pets we started a market research to find out what dog owners worried about. What we found out during this study would guide us to start developing a product. Thanks to all the dog owners who participated we learned a lot, especially to listen. Mid 2016 Dinbeat was born.

Like all animal lovers we have shared our lives with all sorts of pets. We know and understand many of the problems most owners face, some having difficult solutions. It is there where we center our efforts.

Currently, we are developing a wearable device for dogs that will monitor their health, activity and bark. We hope to give you more details soon.

Do you want to know more? Join this adventure and experience with us the development of Dinbeat.


Contribute to the wellbeing of pets, improve their communication with humans through the development of innovative products, which are related to health, wellbeing and technology.


For Dinbeat to be known by owners, veterinarians and professionals as the number one company in developing technological and innovative products for pets.



· Focusing on the development of products that contribute added value in the long term, always considering the needs of our customers.

·  Commitment and support for animal shelters or similar organizations, to create awareness about animal responsibility and adoption. 

·  Making a difference in everything we do, motivated by our passion for animals and technology, all our developments are focused on the wellbeing of animals.

·  Serve our customers and try to continually become better to reach the maximum levels of quality in everything we do.