Our mission

Dinbeat is a pet centric company. We develop innovatory technology to save animal lives and also work passionately to raise social awareness of animal wellbeing, that is everyone’s wellbeing.



#Dinbeaters Manifesto


You are a Dinbeater if you are interested in and passionate about the cause for which we fight.


We understand who the main players are. We are clear about our role and are responsible for watching over it.


The contribution and co-operation of each Dinbeater is unique and essential.


We celebrate and are moved when we reach our objectives and are always in search of the next step.


We speak loudly and clearly to raise awareness around us.


We owe a debt to the animal world and we wish to reward them for keeping us company.


It is our obligation to constantly keep our eyes open around us

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Two ranges of products created to improve animal wellbeing


Products and services for professionals

At Dinbeat, we know how complicated monitoring an animal’s health can be, because they let us know. That is why we put our entire R&D at the service of the professionals, creating products and services that can provide them with more information in order to react swiftly to any setback and help them to save lives.


Our home range

Discover Dinbeat Home Devices, the range of products and services we have developed so that you can communicate and look after your best friend every day, wherever you are.

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If you’ve lost your friend

If you’ve found an animal

Discover the veterinary centers that can look after your best friend 24 hours a day thanks to
Dinbeat UNO

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